Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seeking 555 and trouble at the mission home

Hermanas Nelson and Cano in Cartagena.

Elder Pascua in Cartagena.

Elders Leon and Wiley in Crevellente.

Elder Whetten and Elder Hooper in Puerto Santa Maria.
Elders Neira, Smith and Larios in Puertollano.


Hermanas Thompson and Noriega in Benidorm.


Elders Pascua and Tenney with a reminder of what's coming this week.  We have a goal as a mission to find 555 new investigators in one week.  The most we have ever found in a week is 234.  Please pray for us to be led to them, or for them to be led to us!




Cartagena Zone Training Meeting

Defenders of the Faith!


No, we aren't remodeling the mission home.  Some guys emptied out the little kitchen while trying to locate a water leak.  After all that work, it wasn't in the kitchen.
They found the leak here.  The leak is fixed, but now they have to fix the holes in the walls...


  1. Hola, Hermana Deere! I wasn't sure how else to contact you, so forgive the unrelated comment. :D

    We recently hosted an amazing young man from Malaga for the month of July; he had the first discussion here in our home (with our Spanish elders, even), took the pamphlet home and shared it with his family, who loved it. :)

    I'm wondering if your missionaries are doing any kind of English classes/conversation practice out there. I don't think he and his family are ready for a direct invitation yet, but Angel is really dedicated to working on his English. I could see him wanting to connect with that, if it's out there. :)

    Les deseo todo lo mejor en sus labores - que les encuentren a los 555 que estan buscando el evangelio. :)

  2. Yes they do! I think both capillas in Malaga hold English classes. Can you email me their address/names/phone number?

  3. Hello! I am wondering if you can help me find where and when the lds branch in rabat morocco meets? My friends and I will be in Marrakech and hope to meet with the saints while we are there! Thank you! Please email me: