Sunday, July 28, 2013

Transfers: 21 arrive and 8 leave

Elder Triana and Elder Woodford in Granada.
Elder Vergara and Larios in Aljarafe.
Elder Bird and Elder Scheible in Sevilla 1.
Elder Flint and Elder Durfey in Valdepenas.
Elder Jackson and Elder Peters in Malaga 1.
Hermanas Torres and Leon with a little guy in Dos Hermanas.  He got baptized in the Capilla, not the swimming pool.
Elder Vosters and Elder Brewer in Alicante 1.
Elder Neira, the Wilsons and Elder Rojas in Alcala.

Meet our 21 new missionaries:  

Hermana Nielsen and Hermana Crockett are headed to Cordoba.

Hermanas Johns and Chance are opening a new area in Jerez.

Hermana Grant will be staying right here in Fuengirola with Hermanas Theobald and Ramsay.

Hermana Noriega is headed to Benidorm with Hermana Thompson.

Hermana Johnson will train Hermana Folsom in Malaga 3.

Elder Gonzales is headed to Granada with Elder Smith.

Elder Whitworth is headed to Malaga 2 with Elder Oldroyd.

Elder Erickson and Elder Sharp will be working in Jerez.

Elder Hyatt will be in Sevilla with Elder Peroni.

Elder Thomson is headed to Alcala with Elder Rojas.

Elder Robinson is headed to Utrera with Elder Crespo.

Elder Mercado will be in Albacete with Elder Easton.

Elder Hampel and Elder Read are in Cartagena 1.

It appears Elder Schoell and Elder Aviles are headed to the Mediterranean Sea, but actually they will be in the Cartagena 3 Ward.

Elder Webb and Elder Clark are headed to Murcia 1.

Elder Evans is going to Ciudad Real with Elder Antezana.

Elder Johnson and Elder England are opening a new area in the Granada Ward. There were 2 missionaries there last year.  Now there are 8. 

Elder Quinn will be trained by Elder Gomez in Malaga 2.

Elder Allen will be trained by Elder Salmeron in Nerja, which is opening up again.

Hermana Cameron will work in Elche 1 with Hermana Kunz, which is also a new area. Elder Read and Elder Hampel are standing in as Ayudantes for a few minutes. (They did really well.)

Elder Simon, fresh off the plane from Argentina, is headed to Lorca with Elder Turley.
Elder Berry and Elder Crapo reminding us what our goal is this year.
And Elders and Sisters in Sevilla 2.

And here is our beloved group of missionaries leaving.  From left to right, Hermanas Roderick, Torres, Petru and Nelson.  President Deere and I are not going anywhere.  Then Elders Jackson, Valenzuela, Triana and Estrada.  With our mission so full of young missionaries, we hesitated to let these great missionaries get on the plane, but we know the Lord will lift us all and help other missionaries step into their shoes.  We love you! Haz el bien!

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