Saturday, May 11, 2013

Baptisms, Epic Concilio

Elder Bird and Gochez in Sevilla 1

Elder Dangerfield (sniff, sniff) and Elder Roberts in Alicante 1

Elders Easton and Johnson in Albacete.

Elders Flores and Webb in Jaen.

Elders Pardo and Bivens in Jerez.

Elders Richardson and Lucero in Algeciras.

Elders Adams and Roa in Molina.

Elders Ordonez, Rojas and Neira in San Lucar.

Elders Brown and Jackson in Cartagena 3.

Concilio, May 6-7, 2013
 We had an "epic" Concilio to mark the first Mission Leadership Council with our new Hermana Training Leaders, and to talk about lifting our mission to new heights. We hiked to the top of El Juanar, a mountain overlooking Marbella. 

Concilio, May 6-7
From left to right: Elder Pascua, Jackson, Keller, Mora, Triana, Peters, Mambo, Góchez, Scheible, Bird.  Starting over on front row from left to right: Hermanas Wilcox, Brimhall, Torres, Petru, Leon, Nelson, Hermana and Presidente Deere, Elder Woodford, Salmerón, Tenney, Valenzuela, Berrett, Butler, Gomez, Cortés, Crespo and Estrada.

 Welcome to Concilio Hermanas!!

Even though President Deere is one of the busiest guys around, if someone starts throwing a football, he´s IN!  Next to President Deere are Elders Jackson and Scheible, Woodford, Cortés, and I think that is Elder Bird smiling while shoving Elder Keller away by the neck. 

 Hail in Algeciras!
Hermanas in Jaen!  Hermana Hodson, Elder Webb, Hermana Anderson and Elder Flores.

Our missionaries are spiritual GIANTS!

They come in all shapes and sizes too..  Elder Brown, Nunez and Jackson.

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