Thursday, August 9, 2012

Families coming into the church together

We had another miraculous week here with 17 baptisms in the first 5 days of August.  The missionaries are working so hard despite the heat and the fact that everyone else in the world seems to be on vacation.  Way to go Elderes y Hermanas!  Especially exciting are stories of families joining the church together.   Here are some of them:

Here's the mother of a young family who was baptized by her husband.  Her husband had been less active for a while, but has come back.  The daughters were baptized about 1 month ago.  The family is now complete!!! Elders Card and Jordan. Elder Card says they are planning to go to the temple in one year. 

This man was baptized in San Fernando 1 by his Brother-in-law.  His wife and extended family members were baptized recently.  Pictured with Elders Berrett and Phillips. We love seeing families come together into the church!

This couple was married recently, and were baptized on the same day.   Next weekend, the Dad plans to baptize their youngest child.  Great work Hermanas Meldrum and Letendre!

Elders Barahona and Biamont in Valdepenas with a new sister.

Elders Bradley and Barney in Sevilla 2 with two handsome young boys being baptized.

Elders Norton and Jones forgot to take the picture before everyone got wet!  But it was a great day with 2 people joining the church in Huercal Overa.

Elders Peterson and Jones with a new brother in San Fernando 2.

And here are Elders Thomas and Triana again with another new sister in Malaga 1.

Hermanas Torres and Leon are doing such a great job in Almeria B.  Here is a new sister baptized last weekend.

And here we have Elders Bradley and Henriquez with two sisters!

Hermana Crowder getting the font ready...

We'd like to introduce the newest missionaries in the Spain Malaga Mission:  Elder and Hermana Todd, who are Military Relations Missionaries and will be stationed in Rota.  Welcome!

Dinnertime at Concilio!!  We love it when the Zone Leaders come for Concilio!  We like to think they are so happy because they get to be with Presidente and me, but really it's because (1) they love being together, and (2) they are starving and it's time to eat. 

Hermanas Nelson and Perera with a family they are teaching, found on Dia de Diamante!

Hnas Nelson and Perera and Elders Pallas and Forrest serving a member family.  Looks to me like they were just helping with eating!

Great week, Elderes y Hermanas.  We love you!

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