Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baptisms, Interviews and Training

Presidente Deere has been off touring the mission, interviewing the missionaries and training with the mission leaders.  He's not a picture guy, though, so I have no pictures about it!  But fortunately we've got a few from missionaries this week, including photos of 4 baptisms, 3 of which happened this week.   Great work, Elders y Hermanas!

In Huelva, this man baptized his wife.  Elders Crespo and Allred helped them every step of the way!


Elders Mambo and Biamont baptized a man in Jerez.  Elders Keller and Staples are there to cheer them on.  Guess what the man does for a living??

Elders Barahona and Mora with a new convert in Valdepenas.

Elders Barahona and Nunez with a handsome young man getting baptized.

Remember these guys?  Elders Alejandre and Bailey are making waves in Melilla.  In the middle is the Group Leader in Melilla. 

Elders Jackson and Woodford in Cordoba

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  1. Hna Deere - I'm so glad you are keeping a blog going! I served in the then Barcelona mission from Oct 95 to Feb 97 and 2 of my 3 areas (Elche & Cartagena) are now in the Malaga mission. I love reading how the work is going forth now. Looking over these photos, I see an Elder Mambo. Does he happen to be from Valencia? That was my first area and there was a wonderful African family there by the name of Mambo. Hard to believe that one of the little boys my comp. & I would sit with to help their mom (their dad was in the branch presidencey) would be old enough to be on a mission now - time sure flies. Again, thank you for the wonderful updates. Abrazos, Beth Lee (the former Hna. Hurlbut)